From the director of
The Spirit of the Marathon films comes the story of the world’s most legendary road race
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The BOSTON Story

BOSTON is the first-ever documentary film about the Boston Marathon.

Directed by award-winning marathoner/filmmaker Jon Dunham, it is endorsed by the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) as the official film of the marathon.

Jon always wanted to make a film about the legendary Boston Marathon.  He first made Spirit of the Marathon, which features six runners as they prepare for and run the 2005 Chicago Marathon. The six athletes were amateurs, first-timers and elites, one of whom, Deena Kastor suffered a serious injury, recovered and ultimately won the women’s race.  Spirit of the Marathon is a cult classic among runners.

Jon’s second film Spirit of the Marathon II is set at the 2012 Rome Marathon. With the ancient city as the backdrop, the film captures the international, celebratory nature of big city marathons and delves into the reasons why we choose to run.

Following the success of these two films, Jon set out to make a film about the Boston Marathon. He and producer Megan Williams formed the production entity LA Roma Films, LLC and began developing the project. Then, the tragic bombings of 2013 occurred.

The filmmakers’ initial response was to put BOSTON aside. However, as they witnessed the strength of the Boston community, the support of the greater running community and the fierce determination of those affected by the bombings, LA Roma Films understood the historic importance of documenting the 2014 race of healing and resiliency.BOSTON tells the rich history of America’s premiere race – the oldest annually run marathon in the world. The film features interviews with champions from across the globe, rare archival material from the vaults of the B.A.A. and captures the Boston Marathon’s impact and legacy on the sport. We hope you will join us in this endeavor and help fund BOSTON.

The Production Team

Learn about the people behind the project!  Find out a bit more about who is involved and how they are working to make this film unbelievably great.

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Behind The Scenes

See what is going on, the news and the stories that come to life behind the camera.  Follow along with our work as we bring BOSTON to life!

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Learn what is going on, the news and articles written about ‘Boston – The Film’

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